About Us


To promote conservation of birds and their habitats through development of a national network of individuals, organizations and the Government.


Birds and their habitats are conserved as part of Biodiversity in India


The Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN) is a network of individuals, organizations and government. It was established in 1998 by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) in collaboration with BirdLife International , UK and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) – BirdLife Partner in the UK. The IBCN is promoting the conservation of birds and their habitats in India and strengthening the biological diversity of the region.

Present Scenario

The IBCN is one of the leading membership networks in India, with about 85 organisational and 800 individual members. Till date more than 3000 bird enthusiasts have enrolled themselves with IBCN.


The IBCN promotes interest and takes action at local, state and national level

The network monitors and safeguards IBAs through:

Research and Monitoring
Conservation Action
Awareness and Education
Policy and Advocacy
Fund Raising
Site Support Groups
Future Plans

Lobbying for the protection of the not officially protected IBA sites in India at both the National and State level by preparing brochures, pamphlets and conducting nation-wide meetings.
The preparation of state-wise IBA inventories, involving state forest departments, local governments, NGOs, local groups and State Coordinators . These would link our work with the revised Wildlife Protection Act (1972) , the Forest Conservation Act , NBSAP , and the 20-year Wildlife Action Plan [ National Wildlife Action Plan ]. The plan would be in agreement with international conventions signed by the Govt. of India, e.g. Bonn, Ramsar, CBD etc. Separate documents are to be prepared for the policy and decision-makers, civilians/ local communities, army and scientists.
Formation of model SSGs , each of which would subsequently evolve under different circumstances and localities.
An online programme India Birds has already been launched by the RSPB. The programme, on the same lines of World Birds , will be an initiative to enable amateur birdwatchers and professional conservationists to document their data online. This would generate a vast database of bird sightings around the country and would help streamline conservation efforts of birds at different levels.
Publication and distribution of field guides such as Birds of Northern India and Birds of Southern India in several regional languages.
Regular organisation of Bird identification and bird census training workshops. Educational and awareness material in English and the various vernacular languages to be developed.