Individual Membership

Any person interested in conservation of birds and their habitat can become the member of IBCN. The members in IBCN share a vision that birds and their habitats are conserved as part of biodiversity in India. They recognise the special role that birds play in the conservation and sustainable use of India’s resources, as indicators of environmental change, as subjects for teaching and studying ecological processes, and as an inspiration and motivation for awareness and concern for the wider environment.
The partners aspire to operate a network which is non-political, transparent and open in its functioning, and which mobilises the collective strength of the partners to act for the conservation of birds and their habitats.
At present IBCN have 800 individual members.
An individual can become a member of IBCN by sending a demand draft or cheque of Rs.150/- in favour of ‘Bombay Natural History Society’ payable at Mumbai. In case of outstation cheque add Rs.65/- towards Bank charges.
You can download the IBCN Membership Form from our download link.